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Juliana Ferrie
Juliana Ferrie is a junior staffer and second-year journalist in Achona. Ferrie loves spending time reading articles on Buzzfeed, listening to Ed Sheeran, and binge-watching shows on Netflix. Some of her favorites include Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural. At AHN, she is involved in Key Club, TLC, and Speech & Debate. She loves being a TLC mentor, as it gives her the opportunity to meet and connect with lower school students. In her third year as an Academy Jaguar, Ferrie is looking forward to finally being an upperclassmen. She is excited to feel completely settled in as an older student, without the classic anxiousness that comes with freshman and sophomore year.  In her free time, she loves both taking photographs and curling up with a great novel. One of her all time favorite books is The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater. Later in life, she hopes to be an accomplished veterinarian after attending a university in the northeast.

Juliana Ferrie, Junior Staff Writer

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