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Students Perform in the 2019 Academy Awards-AHN’s Talent Show
  • Administration Announces Schedule Change Fee
  • Prom Theme and Location Announced
  • Visiting Artist Kathryn Reina Academy Alumni
Outrage Sparks at March for Life
  • Examining the Advantages and Disadvantages of Single-Sex Education
  • Gillette Sparks Discussions of Toxic Masculinity with its New Commercial
  • Kevin Hart’s Oscar’s Scandal
Academy Students Reveal Their Love Languages

Adrianna Radice, Senior Staff Writer

As the season for Valentine’s Day approaches, the idea of love and companionship is one heavily discussed...

Easy Valentine’s Day Desserts

Olivia Fernandez, Multimedia Editor

Whether it be a handmade card or a bouquet of flowers, there are numerous ways to show your loved ones...

Best Dressed at Junior Ring 2019

Isabella Thorpe, Senior Staff Writer

A brisk Friday in late January featuring yellow roses, bouncing curls, the echo of heels, new jewelery...

Does Social Media Encourage Insensitivity? (EDITORIAL)
  • Does Society Discourage Learning? (EDITORIAL)
  • Are People Afraid to Show Their True Political Affiliations? (EDITORIAL)
  • Do Our High School Actions Affect Our Futures? (EDITORIAL)
Human Trafficking During Super Bowl (OPINION)
  • Why Society Hates Teenage Girls (OPINION)
  • Millennials Named “The Burnout Generation”… What Does this Say About Gen Z?
  • How People Perceive Makeup in the Social Media Age (Opinion)
Netflix’s “Fyre” vs. Hulu’s “Fyre Fraud”

Katherine Rodriguez, Senior Staff Writer | February 13, 2019

In 2019, Netflix and Hulu both dropped documentaries on the infamous Fyre Festival. Both documentaries were released in January 2019; however, Hulu came out with theirs a few days before Netflix did. Fyre Festival was a music festival that is known as a major fail and that scammed thousands of people. The event occured in 2017, and through social media, it brought attention to how terrible the experience...

Students React to “Can 2 Strangers Fall in Love with 36 Questions? Dani + Andrew” (Video)

Adriana James-Rodil, Sophomore Staff Writer | February 13, 2019

On September, 2018, Jubilee (a Youtube channel with over two million subscribers that creates videos about love and human connection), sparked by a famous New York Times article, published a video which includes two strangers, Dani and Andrew, asking each other 36 questions, separated into three sets. A study conducted by Psychologist Arthur Aron, states intimacy between two strangers can be accelerated...

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