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Achona’s Christmas Gift Guide

Katherine Rodriguez, Senior Staff Writer

While it is fun to open up gifts on Christmas, a big part of this holiday is giving gifts to your close...

Ways to Stay Empowered After a Break-Up

Adrianna Radice, Senior Staff Writer

On Nov. 3, Ariana Grande released her song “Thank U, Next” as a response to her recent split with...

AHN families with small businesses

Danielle Duarte, Junior Staff Writer

Many AHN girls have parents who own small businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area.  Small businesses...

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97X Next Big Thing 2018

Multimedia Editor, Olivia Fernandez | December 3, 2018

On Dec. 1-2, the Midflorida Credit Union Amphitheater hosted the 18th annual 97X Next Big Thing, commonly known as NBT. Every year, the event is set up by the radio station 97.1, featuring various alternative artists. Over the two days of the festival, thousands of fans gathered to hear from bands such as Bastille and Panic! At The Disco. A number of popular artists performed on both the Main...

Raise The Curtain 2018

Regan O'Leary, Senior Staff Writer | November 16, 2018

On Wednesday, Nov. 14, Academy showcased “Raise the Curtain” featuring various acts preformed by Academy students. From dance performances to drum lines the show captured many unique acts.  “Raise the Curtain is one of my favorite things to participate in at Academy because we get to show the school and our parents on what we’ve been working on in our preforming art classes,” said...

School newspaper of Academy of the Holy Names, Tampa
School newspaper of Academy of the Holy Names, Tampa