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Spirit Week Thursday features superheroes and puzzle-piece banner

A banner of refitted puzzle pieces decorated by each homeroom reflects the theme of "God is everywhere."

Elaine Petrarca

Li Stalder, Co-Editor

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There were no birds or airplanes flying in the halls of Academy, but instead Superman, Batman, and many other superheroes united forces for the penultimate day of Spirit Week.

The “best dressed” of the superheroes met in the courtyard during lunch. Senior Alex Diaz led the pack in 1st place, followed by sophomores Samira Mantri and Denni Abrahan in 2nd and 3rd respectively, and freshman Merline Lamour in 4th.

Many girls opted to dress like traditional superheroes, like Spiderman, Batman and Flash. Others radiated girl-power with Superwoman, Catwoman and Powerpuff girls outfits.  Also, many freshmen coordinated matching “Minions” costumes from the movie, Despicable Me.

A few also looked for inspiration from well-known Nickelodeon cartoons. Sophomores Konner Brewer and Carly King dressed up as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from Spongebob Squarepants, while senior Taylor Hernandez was the Crimson Chin from The Fairly Odd Parents.

Hernandez was among the selected few nominated by her homeroom in the Best Dressed competition for Thursday. “Although it may not look like I spent much time, I actually worked really hard on making the perfect costume and I’m really proud of how it came out.”

At noon on Thursday, in the second floor foyer on Thursday, Assistant Principal Mr. Jack Mullarkey hung the banner of refitted puzzle pieces, each one representing a grade 9-12 homeroom.

Members of each grade festively decorated their own respective locker rooms in spirit of the seasons. Celebrating winter, the seniors planted a giant inflatable snowman in the middle of their locker room, along with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling and “snow” on locks. Meanwhile, juniors spread out beach towels and colorful umbrellas, getting everyone ready for summer. Sophomores decorated for spring, and freshmen embellished their locker room with autumn leaves and Halloween ornamentation.

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3 Responses to “Spirit Week Thursday features superheroes and puzzle-piece banner”

  1. Jillan on April 10th, 2013 3:00 pm

    This turned out really cool it was a great idea


    Jillan Reply:

    CDQ is the coolest editor, I love her! and this article!


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School newspaper of Academy of the Holy Names, Tampa
Spirit Week Thursday features superheroes and puzzle-piece banner